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Samaar Company fields of work


Villages and resort management:
There are many experts and engineers in the company who have previous experience in the management of villages and tourist resorts recall where (Katameya Heights - West Golf - Villar - Moon Valley) in:
1 - Technical Department of the villages and resorts through the stages of implementation.
2 - The establishment and management of maintenance work inside the resorts.
3 - Supervision of contractors and consultants in all business disciplines.
4 - Manage and monitor the work and structure of the system working inside villages and resorts.

Supervision of Business:
There are many engineers and technicians with expertise and efficiency in the supervision of business in the stages of implementation and follow-up, maintenance and application of quality standards and technical specifications on the work carried out, such as:
1 - Finishing for all the architectural elements of buildings and villas.
2 - finishing landscaping work of all kinds.
3 - Finished utility networks in villages and resorts.
4 - Supervise the maintenance work on all the elements of villages and buildings interior and exterior.
5 - Identify types of raw materials and the number used.
Some of Samaar Landscape pervious Work:
Landscaping work at Assiut International Airport.
Resort Villar fifth assembly.
Resort Katameya fifth assembly
Moon Valley Resort fifth assembly.
Some villas and palaces in the New Cairo area.

Maintenance work:
Maintenance Is overlooked by many handled in spite of the utmost importance in maintaining the buildings, facilities and prolong the life and work to improve and develop and maintain the aesthetic value .. So we made sure the company that joins the team has a group of engineers, supervisors and technicians qualified through experience, specialization and access to specialized courses in managing and following up this vital activity and its predecessor expertise in this area villages and resorts .. where the company maintenance work in the following areas with secure clothing employment and bearing the company logo.

Landscape work:
The Company have technical equipment of experienced engineers and efficiency and specialization in the work of design landscaping villages and resorts and villas which include:
Design works for lakes, waterfalls and fountains.
Coordinate and landscaping design.
Design and implementation of irrigation networks.
the design of roads and parks.
pergolas design and aesthetic business.
develop and beautify study and modify graphics.
Develop solutions and suggestions for operational problems in the work of the public site.
Supply and cultivation of all acts of turf and plants, palm trees and nurseries of the company.
Design work for lighting and locations within the spaces, parks and so on.
maintenance and paint all types of flooring.

Management and regulation of relations to occupants Union:
Our company Staff have many of experts and qualified technically and scientifically qualified and have practical experience in the management of relations between the villages and resorts owners and landlords and Union through:
Develop systems and laws of the nature of the interaction between owners and occupants of the resort Union.
Develop internal regulations among the residents some of them interconnected.
prepare the organization for decades Continue and maintenance work.
Establish rules, standards and foundations dealing and approaches by which the work is done within the resort.
contribute to the preparation of financial budgets and scale of the dwelling units to bear the cost of maintenance.
preparation of contracts for subtracting maintenance and janitorial work and advanced study and decision.
Provide technical and management consulting for the organization of the inter-relationships between owners and occupants Union.

Engineering Consultants work :
The company through a combination of existing engineering expertise and has offices collaborating engineering consulting and global experience houses and foreign experts to provide guidance and solutions, technical and scientific consulting to implementation problems or stomach designs in advance where the company can help:
1 - to do engineering consultancy for finishing works during implementation.
2 - to do engineering consultancy in finishing landscaping work sites.
3 - to do the engineering arbitration in disputes between landlords and contractors.
4 - Owner representation in the follow-up and implementation of the business.
5 - Preparation of programs and action plans for existing projects and maintenance of buildings and facilities.
6 - the study of the barriers and problems of implementation, design and express opinions and scientific and technical solutions.
7 - Preparation of technical and financial studies for projects and business.
8 - Preparation of technical reports on the work carried out projects and follow-up reports and the statement of deficiencies and how to treat it.
9 - submission of proposals and studies for the development and renewal of villages and resorts.
10 - Preparation of technical requirements and specifications for construction and finishes.
11 - Preparation of technical requirements and specifications for maintenance work in all business items.
12 - preparation of engineering drawings for cosmetic and coordinate work sites.
13 - the study of proposals, tenders and decide.
14 - Participation consultancy with offices or homes or global experience of foreign experts in preparing designs for and supervise the work and to develop solutions and proposals and specialized technical studies for implemented.

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